Thanks to an integrated and global approach, we develop every aspect of the Digital Retail Strategy, both for B2C and B2B, and for multi-brand retailers eager to create and manage a digital store. We analyze the reference markets globally, study the customer journey and, thanks to specific benchmark tools, we provide detailed projections and forecasts on sales.

Dedicated Customer Care

Our mission is to take care of customers. Our multilingual Customer Care & lead qualification, designed to protect the customer experience, offers Advisor in Voice, Social and Chat channels to offer a complete support and the maximum flexibility.

360° Supply Chain

We help you identify the most efficient logistics services, we monitor purchasing processes in Italy and abroad, we identify the leading partners in each sector – even in dropshipping – and we take care of every financial aspect and the entire distribution chain.

User Experience and usability

Our UX specialists identify the most suitable design for your store, proposing the most fitting solutions to promote communication and sales; we take care of the usability in every detail by using the best practices to increase the conversion rate.

Full Outsourcing
We take care of everything!

Our proprietary platforms, which are the result of direct experience in the field, fully follow the expectations of a constantly evolving market. With our Full Outsourcing service, we are able to manage every feature of your business: from development and maintenance, to marketing and promotion, passing through all the organizational, legal and commercial aspects.


Brand Awareness and Brand Reputation

We develop the best strategies to promote your brand awareness and recognition, but also to optimize the conversion rate and improve the corporate identity. Our team guides you in the development of a brand that can influence consumer behaviour, satisfying the search for values that the customer considers crucial for his business.


"Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success."

Henry Ford

E-Commerce Management

Our e-commerce management team is highly specialized in developing an effective e-commerce strategy; we follow the production of targeted and customized content and advertising campaigns (DEM, Newsletters, Programmatic Advertising, Digital PR, SEO and SEM etc.), improving sales performance and the perception of the brand and its related products.

Performance Monitoring & Reporting

Our tools constantly monitor the digital stores, both in commercial and marketing activities. A team of analysts identifies the key performance indicators, monitoring critical issues, purchasing behaviour, competitors’ activities, thus generating detailed reporting and proposing or directly implementing strategies aimed at optimizing each individual activity.

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